Friday, January 15, 2010

Rum Pineapple

I just wanted to remember Kaylie's comment about the rum pineapple making her "feel it."

Sing Song has started. That is sad because we are not there. My life in the mansion during sing song and american idol was short lived but alot funner than my time in the other house. And it is missed as january and february begin. Let's just be honest's a real thank you for showing me what a real college girl house feels like. Maybe we should all grab a chewbacca mask, a rat trap, and a bobbi vest and come over to relive the glory days by watching the DVD. just think about it. I am not ashamed that I did that once already this week. I'm not above doing it again. Back to where I was going... If it wasn't for you I wouldn't envy those girls now who do not have to pick nasty athletic socks out of the bottom of the sheets every night or have your TV stuck on HD Channel 780. That's sports center for all of those out there who watch other channels.

But more importantly the real reason behind this Friday night post...1 of 2 reasons. Ok probably will end up being 3 or 4.

1. Today on one of my pencil boxes my kids pointed out a love note written in crayon from one girl to a boy in my class. Thats are seven.
2. Kim Kardashian loves cupcakes...
So Christie's sister....yes the Kardashians could possibly have shopped along with Katie Holmes at Sprinkles Cupcakes. I guess Sprinkles is anything but "organic." REALLY I'm not a nutritionist...maybe my nursing friends could help me out on this but is there really so such thing as an organic baked good?
3. Funny story I'm not sure if I want to share on the internet but I'm pretty sure no one else reads this besides the girls. Today a nurse at the "CARE NOW" asked me how many of a certain 28 day pill I take a day? Uh again nursing friends... Isn't kinda like self explanitory?
4. And finally a high schooler at church showed me this and I feel like I want to share it with you today.

and finally

I just wanted to make sure that all those marrieds and daters out there have the correct resources to keep that passion burning. I am personally interested in Pamela's Prayer. Movie night anyone?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I wanted to add something!! I haven't ever posted anything b/c I'm not as funny or witty as Kelsie. But that's ok...

So I miss yall! And Kelsie--I feel ya about the job thing. My job will get about 3% better one day then like 40% worse the next. Oh well...maybe one day I'll like it.

Lauren-can't wait to meet the bf!!

Kaylie--it was fun today!! yay for awkward waiters!

Christie- i miss hanging out in your room and watching tv when i should be studying

melissa--how's the job going? Any better or still sucky?

Jess--miss you tons bff. let's see each other this weekend-i'm coming to abilene!!

K can't wait til New Years!!!!!!!!!!
looooove Shannon DeZonia

The blog is back in town!

Hello blog. You may not remember me. My name is Kelsie. My room mates and I once started you as a way to commemorate our last weeks of college and as a way to keep us laughing when we went our seperate ways. You may not remember that. I apologize that you may feel so neglected. But I promise dear blog that as long as people are reading will never have to hibernate in cyberspace that long again.

In further news... Yes Kaylie, Josh and Anna did have their first born. She was born on October 8. Her name was makynzie Renee. I was fortunater to get this small peice of information about the babies first few weeks of life in the brief 3 minutes I could get the remote out of will's hands and change the channel from sports center to the learning channel. I found out that anna's parents did not get to see the beautiful birth of their grandchild. However thanks to TLC and technology, they were able to watch the "birth episode" and get caught up. They came to visit three weeks later. Mother and baby are doing fine. I also happen to stumble upon this gem of a Here you can see the new families first christmas picture.

In further further news...I have compiled a list of a few things I have learned since graduating and getting married...
5. First graders will pee on anything. Including but not limited to book case shelves.
4. When you get married the wife will have to record her tv shows around the husbands sport center and out door network schedule.
3. Apparently home made hot chocolate boils over into a huge bubble when you forget you are cooking it. Most conviently the one time you try to make dinner for your husband. The bubble will pop and send hot chocolate all over your stove.
2. A six year old's broken wrist from the play ground is not usually a good way to start out the day or a good way to build trust I. The school nurse when she calls the parent saying " I think your son may have hurt his arm" not that I got a medical degree but when your wrist is in two different places .... Hurt would not be the term I would use to describe it.
1. It's a difficult conversation to have with your husband when you tell him you are allergic to his cat.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Weddings!! x3

It's been so long and so much has happened, I thought this thing needed an update! I was hoping Kelsie would update because she so funny and way more talented at blogging! But here ya go! So wedding number 1 was Melissa and Chris's!
Next, Shannon and Al tied the knot! The wedding was beautiful and so much fun! Here are some pictures in case you've missed out! yes, Christie is in a full length PINK dress! :)

Roommates! (Kelsie already left and Melissa was on her honeymoon)
Three weeks ago roommate number 3 made the plunge! Here are some pictures from Kelsie and Will's wedding!
So cute!
The infamous and greatest groom's cake! It was life size!

Next wedding on the list is Steph's! Lauren just started dating someone so I think I hear wedding bells in the future for her! ;) guess we need to get on and see what their kids will look like.....jk
So a little update post graduation.....
Christie: is in Houston working and going to grad school in Social Work at U of H
Kelsie: is now Morris and is teaching first grade in Irving! quote from Kelsie, "work is getting .3% better everyday" so optimistic :) Don't worry, she's told me stories and she is keeping the little hellians...I mean angels in line!
Lauren: just moved to Little Rock for an internship in Child Life and has a new boyfriend!!
Melissa: living in Dallas, newly married, and is a nurse at Dallas Presby!
Shannon: Is now Dezonia and is living in Fort Worth and is a nurse at Medical City
Steph: soon to be Langwell :) living in College Station, working and WEDDING PLANNING!!
Me: I'm in Dallas in grad school at UTD in speech pathology

There's a little glimpse at our life! and I heard that the Duggar's had their baby?! Is that true, Kelsie? There's prolly some kind of video....

Monday, June 15, 2009

some one update this thing.

Yes Josh and Anna are having a girl!! It was confirmed today. I feel like we might have to have a watching party on the birthing show. ok. great.

but the more important purpose of this post...
1. Shannon...we need wedding/honeymoon/how your life is going update Mrs. DeZonia.
2. Please view this.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

everyone's looking at us like we fell off a cucumber truck...

please look at video number 3 for title explanation.

1. we need to discuss greys
and 2. tell me how exciting you are that kris won AI!
thats it.

and here is some good duggar footage....please note the matching arkansas shirts and the SWEET tuck in, belt and cell phone that josh has going on as well as the honeymoon bed with the nicely placed open bible.
dont worry...i'll probably post one like this on facebook after my honeymoon. be expecting it.
thank you mrs make labor look so easy.

oh jim bob you are funny!

Thursday, April 30, 2009


so.... I finally broke down and Twitter. Ok, 'finally broke down' isn't really right since I just kind of really found what it was in the library before chapel when Tyne (or @SarahTyne as Twitter would say) showed me hers. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it yet but apparently its cool because everyone has it. I feel a little stalkerish reading it, but I have found that 'twitter update ideas' have started coming to mind as I'm going about my daily business. Now to the point, I realized that the reason that I got Twitter is really because I can't stand the fact that I'm not going to be surrounded by my best friends all the time. I'm not going to know every little thing thats going on in their life like I do now. I guess its my way of trying to grasp on to whatever I can to stay connected to the people I love. So this was probably the first serious blog we've had (unless you consider Christie's blog about aliens serious...) but no worries, I'll be back with the Sephora Lady story, its a good one, feel free to ask me in real life, it will probably be funnier that way. Peace-Kaylie